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Terms and Conditions of Access to Confidential Information.

This Web Portal (the "System") contains information that is labeled �Confidential Information.� As used herein, �Confidential Information� means any information that is made privileged and confidential as a record of a Quality Improvement Committee and is protected from direct or indirect means of discovery, subpoena or admission into evidence in any judicial or administrative proceeding pursuant to Tennessee Code Annotated Section 68-11-272, including statistical information compiled from data submitted by member organizations and reported by the Tennessee Center for Patient Safety that identifies a hospital by name. By accepting these Terms and Conditions of Access to Confidential Information, you agree that you will not disclose Confidential Information to any person for any purpose unless the disclosure of such Confidential Information is required by a court order or is made for the purpose of quality improvement to evaluate the safety, quality, processes, costs appropriateness or necessity of healthcare services, as described in Tennessee Code Annotated Section 68-11-272(b)(4).